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Prices opposite are fixed. Many companies maintain they are unable to price accurately without seeing the work entailed. My opinion is that it is reasonable to have a clear pricing structure, so the customer knows what to expect and can plan their budget more effectively.


FREE Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Submission:

As mentioned on the home page, website search engine optimisation (SEO) and submission to Google is included as standard.

£60 per web page (including images)
£30 for logo design (optional)


£30 per form (e.g. feedback / order form, guestbook, etc.)


£15 per standard updated web page.

Domain Name & Web Space:

Either of these can be arranged at no added expense.

Flash / eCommerce & Dynamic Content:

Please email or telephone me to discuss your requirements.

For any other queries, please contact me using details at top of page.



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